In August I had the great pleasure of facilitating the first Mindful Music Retreat with the amazing Alina Pogostkina and my lovely colleague and friend Susanne Feld.

These 5 Days were incredibley inspiring and touching, joyful and beautiful. On so many levels. The connection and the openness, the courage and commitment I experienced with the participants and amongst the participants moved me deeply. And when I remember this time, my heart jumps, because I can feel, that it is possible, that we humans can meet eachother from our hearts.
As humans. And not just from our fear and contraction. 
There were partcipants from all over the world: Japan, Romania, Italy, Turkey, France and Finnland, some were young, some older, lots of women and one man... each one a unique human being. And a unique musician. Sharing their unique Self with the others,  listening in to themselves and then listening to the other from this space of inner peace and connection.
Which created a space for trust, possibility and creativity to evolve.
I can be me & see you.
I am so looking forward to our next Retreat. This Fall.
Check it our here.

Let the magic continue.