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With Alina Pogostkina & Susanne Feld & Leonie von Arnim

Are you looking for your own individual way to express yourself in music?
Do you want to explore your potential and learn how to tap into it more deeply?
Do you seek inner freedom from pressure and the expectations of others?

In the 5 day Mindful Music Retreat we will dive into what it actually means to be a musician for you.

This retreat is a multi-level exploration of how you can be connected to your source of energy/inner strength, and how to make music from that place of connection. We examine how you can move past playing what is required from you and instead, tap into your own musical wisdom and creativity. We will also investigate what holds you back from fully coming into your inner power and giving your gifts, and what keeps you from experiencing joy in playing music. Together, we will also engage in simple practices that empower you to deal with stress, pressure, nervousness and stage fright.

Our summer retreat will take place in the beautiful BREITENTEICHER MÜHLE.

This is a small exclusive Retreat with 14 musicians participating.

Retreat Dates:

Wednesday, the 21. August * 5pm - Sunday 26. August 2018 * 11pm

Check in at the day of arrival: 3 pm

Check out at the day of departure: 12 pm

Pricing & enrollment
More infromation coming soon…

Please apply here:
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The Retreat will be held in english

„For me Mindful Music Making had been a deep moment of connection. Between me and all the participants, with a magical, open heart atmosphere. And between me and the inner part of myself, facing many fears and gaining awareness about what I could need on my personal way, exploring my human being and who I am, as a person and as a musician. „

~ Matteo, Cellist ~

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„ I believe, that for us as musicians, who need to develop a creative and free mind under the enormous pressure of the daily life itself, this retreat is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves.“

~ Müge, Violinist ~

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The whole retreat was life changing for me and my playing changed after this retreat so much! Not just learning music from a great musician as Alina Pogostkina, there was so much more that I didn’t find in any other music masterclasses until now.

~Tjasa ~Violinist

„There are many things I could

write about the Mindful Music Making Retreat I participated in, but to make it short and powerful: It has changed the way I view my every day life, the way I practice, the way I pretty much experience my own existence as a whole being daily.“

~ Tuulia, Violinist ~

Earlier Event: May 23
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