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by Alina Pogostkina with Susanne Feld and Leonie von Arnim

  • Are you looking for your own individual way to express yourself in music?
  • Do you want to explore your potential and learn how to tap into it more deeply?
  • Do you seek inner freedom from pressure and the expectations of others?

In the 5 day Mindful Music Retreat we will dive into what it actually means to be a musician for you.

This retreat is a multi-level exploration of how you can be connected to your source of energy/inner strength, and how to make music from that place of connection. We examine how you can move past playing what is required from you and instead, tap into your own musical wisdom and creativity. We will also investigate what holds you back from fully coming into your inner power and giving your gifts, and what keeps you from experiencing joy in playing music. Together, we will also engage in simple practices that empower you to deal with stress, pressure, nervousness and stage fright.

Join us for this unique experience. We have 1 Spot left for this Retreat.

Alina Pogostkina´s Vision:

It is my vision to create a place of support for young musicians, on the physical, mental and emotional level. On my path I have learned many different tools and ways to become (of becoming) more authentic, more relaxed in my body on stage, more at peace with who I am as a musician and as a human being, and I feel the calling to support others on this journey.
Therefore I have created the MINDFUL MUSIC RETREAT. In this unique Retreat I will be offering masterclasses, in which we are going to explore music with a fresh approach. Coming from the Russian violin tradition, I will give impulses on how to develop a healthy technique, but my focus will be on creativity, joy and authenticity in music making. To expand and deepen the learning and experience I will for the first time be collaborating with Susanne Feld and Leonie von Arnim . With this newly developed holistic approach to music making, we will support you in some common problems such as stage fright, pressure and self doubt, physical limitations or blocks.  As experienced facilitators for retreats and working with individuals, Susanne Feld & Leonie von Arnim will be creating a framework, in which you can look at, work with and start to release the tensions around those topics and problems.
These combined elements will give you the capacity to connect even more deeply with your very individual way of being a musician.
The tools will be: Alexander Technique, Life Coaching, Meditation, Embodimet Practices in one on one (sessions) and group sessions.  We will also have the space and time to share and exchange our experiences.
Amongst musicians it is not very common to talk about problems. Very different from sports, where people get emotional and physical support on a regular basis. In this retreat we are going to start to establish this kind of support for musicians as well, since we are doing a highly demanding job on many different levels.
Being on this journey means a lot to me and I am hoping that we can be of service to many artists, who are interested in opening their minds and hearts.

Alina Pogostkina with Susanne Feld & Leonie von Arnim

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This is a small exclusive Retreat with 10 musicians participating.

Retreat Dates:

Wednesday, the 15. August * 5pm  - Sunday 19. August 2018 * 11pm

Check in at the day of arrival: 3 pm

Check out at the day of departure: 12 pm

Pricing & enrollment

788 Euro per Person including Full vegan catering,  accommodation, Individual Sessions and Group Seminars.Not included: Arrival and Departure Costs.
Generously supported and sponsored by the Rotary Club Konstanz-Rheintor

The Total Costs of the Retreat consist of two elements:

Accommodation & full vegan Catering
300 Euro     Cost for 4 nights stay
275 Euro     Full vegan Catering

Cost for the Retreat-Program
713 Euro

Thanks to the very generous support and sponsoring by the Rotary Club Konstanz-Rheintor each participate receives  a 500 Euro Scholarship.

So instead of 1.288 Euro the TOTAL COST for THE MINDFUL MUSIC RETREAT ARE: 788 Euro.

Please apply here:
For more information:

The event will be held in english

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